A note from Dana, Insect Ark founder:

Thank you for your support in ordering merch from our cancelled tours. We were supposed to be on the road nonstop in 2020 and 2021, in support of our latest album, The Vanishing. Alas...

For orders in EU/UK, we now ship directly from our new headquarters in Germany. It's time to make some space. We have a ton of merch here, and better to share it than have it sitting. Thank you for helping to keep independent music alive.

Please note, for USA/Canada orders, you should still use our bandcamp page.

As a thank you for your support, all orders over 30 come with an original drawing (made by me).  Also, all LPs and CDs can be signed, if you'd like.

We are selling most items at or just above cost. To do that, we need to bypass some e-commerce options you're used to, like a "shopping cart", because these services take an extra 5-15%.

With all this in mind, there is an extra step in ordering, but fear not, it's still quite easy.




  • Use the Order Form below

  • Choose your Items, Size, etc

  • Enter your Address

  • Hit the button "Send now to Insect Ark HQ"

You'll see a page confirming your request was sent.

We get the order request via email.

We add it all up, figure out shipping costs, and reply via email with the order total.

You pay for the order, and we ship it to you.

Thank you for your patience with this workaround. You can email us anytime with notes, questions or order issues at  

Shirt Quality & Sizes:
T Shirts, Fox / Logo:                       Gildan Soft Style 100% Cotton                  S, M, L, XL, XXL*

T Shirts, Snake Woman:               Gildan Soft Style 100% Cotton                  S, M, L, XL

Long Sleeve:                                      Gildan Ultra Cotton 100% Cotton             S, M, L, XL

Hoodie:                                                 Gildan Heavy Blend                                         S, M, L, XL

*XXL sizes please make a note on the order form under "Notes/Comments" 

ORDER FORM  Please read ordering info above


As noted, we email you the precise amount based on your order.  

Buying more than 1 item will probably not increase shipping costs.
For example, LP boxes easily fit several extra items (Shirts, LPs); T Shirt packages easily fit extra small items like CDs. 

All EU/UK orders over 15
€ now ship with tracking (+ 2,50 per package).

Tracking is optional for orders under 15€.

A few examples:

  • One LP, shipped to the UK: 10 shipping + tracking: 12,50

  • Add 1 CD, 1 LP, and 2 T-shirts10 shipping + tracking: 12,50


  • One T-Shirt, shipped to Germany: 5 shipping + tracking: 7,50

  • Add 1 CD and 1 T-shirt5 shipping + tracking: 7,50

  • One T-Shirt, shipped to France: 5 shipping + no tracking: 5,00

Base shipping prices via DHL are below:

CD / TShirt / Long Sleeve: 

Area A 5€ (Germany)

Area B 6€ (EU)

Area C 10€ (Everywhere else)

LP or Hoodie: 

Area A 5.50€ (Germany)

Area B 10€ (EU)

Area C 13.70€ (Everywhere else)

*We can ship worldwide, if desired.
USA and Canada orders, please use our Bandcamp site:

Questions? Write us at

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