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Album Art - Raw Blood Singing


Raw Blood Singing - the band’s fourth full-length - is the result of a year’s writing. With a shared obsession with innovation and distillation, the album offers a sonic landscape which vascillates between sensory overload and isolation in a seething void. It marks a rebirth for Insect Ark, with a crushing weight and vicious sensual delicacy elevated by the all-new addition of Schechter’s smoky, bruised-angel vocals, which deliver deep melodic hooks to the visceral layers of noisy gothic-noir lap steel guitar and bass, crackling drums, and haunted synthesizers.

Many of the songs on Raw Blood Singing were written alone in 2020/2021 by Schechter; they were gutted, reworked, and rebirthed when Wyskida joined in late 2021. Fearlessly shape-shifting, Insect Ark has continued to defy simple genre-categorizations, weaving together the outer reaches of metal, goth, avant garde drone, doom and experimental noise. The new songs bristle with a tactile sense of aliveness. Vast, boundless riffs fuse with silvery, snaking refrains. Chaos consumes structure, releasing extreme dynamics and moments of deafening silence.

01. Birth of a Black Diamond
02. The Frozen Lake
03. Youth Body Swayed
04. Cleaven Hearted
05. The Hands
06. Psychological Jackal
07. Inverted Whirlpool
08. Ascension


Music written by Dana Schechter and Tim Wyskida

Lyrics written by Dana Schechter

Larkspur Lullabies Music, BMI © and © 2024 Insect Ark

Dana Schechter: Bass, Vocals, Lap Steel Guitar, Synthesizers, Piano 

Tim Wyskida: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals



Ville Leppilahti, Piano (4) , Synthesizers (5, 6)

Colin Marston Synthesizers  (7)


Album Photography by Chris Friel

Layout Design/Composites by Dana Schechter

Recorded by Nikos Giagkoudakis and Socrates Bebis at Unreal Studio, Athens 

Assistant Engineering by Alex Ketenjian and Nikos Dimitrakakos 

Produced by Insect Ark and Nikos Giagkoudakis

Additional Production and Recording, Torben Utecht, Dana Schechter, Berlin 

Mixed by Colin Marston at Menegroth Studios, New York

Mastered by James Plotkin at PlotkInworks, Pennsylvania

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